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From Earthsonnets to Baker City Gal
What's New?
  • BakerCityGal.com is a brand-new website for all of my online needs. (I had way too many websites and needed to simplify!) All information that was left at Earthsonnets.com has been copied to this website and will eventually be phased out.

  • All info about essential oils, along with the everyday discount code, has been moved to my ButterflyExpress.com website.

  • Family Corner has six family photo galleries and multiple histories from Jenni Hunt Johnson's family.

  • My Favorite Scriptures.

  • Visit my HalocatDigital Etsy shop to find digital art, including Billie Hunt-inspired Words on Watercolors and gift cards, plus my original designs for laser engravers and CNC routers.

My Story

During the last few years, I've kept a thought right in front of me: This is the time to develop new talents!

For 14 years, I sold essential oils at Earthsonnets.com, but those days were winding down. It was time for a change! I decided to focus on writing and editing, which I really enjoy. I even took a course on proofreading to refresh my skills.

I was determined to be productive during the Covid lockdowns, but I also really wanted to do something artistic. So I started making totem poles! I had a vision, plus access to a computer-network-controlled router and laser engraver. One thing led to another, and I opened my first Etsy shop - HalocatDigital. The totem poles were a hit but they were not fun to ship!

While expanding my skills with Adobe Illustrator, I rekindled an interest in the artwork I'd inherited from my mother, Billie Hunt. She always wanted me to do something with her art so that it would live on to bless lives.

My love for beautiful words and beautiful art led to combinations like the one you see here -- Wordsworth's Intimations of Immortality one of her watercolors. I also feature Billie Hunt art on a variety of greeting and note cards.

These items are available on my Etsy shop as digital files that you can print at home or at an online or in-store print shop.

Instant downloads are available at my HalocatDigital Etsy shop.

Print ~ Frame ~ Enjoy!